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The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain

Paul Woods

Trance Mediumship Weekend

Over the weekend you will be shown how to work in various different trance states and learn how to build a relationship with the Spirit communicator. This wonderful weekend of trance mediumship is open to all levels as Paul will tailor the exercises to you personally.

Saturday: Foundation day
We will be working to build your confidence and connection.
Trance Meditations
Spirit Connections
Learning to blend energies (Trance Blend)
Meeting your guides
Quality Control
Light trance states

Sunday: Your chance to shine
Sunday is your chance to shine. You will be encouraged to really spread your wings and reach the heights of pure spiritual connection
Keeping the connection
Open trance discussion with guides (in a trance state)
Personal trance readings
Spiritual philosophy (in a trance state)
Trance inspiration in everyday life, and a trance round robin.

Workshop strictly limited to 20 students.
Members 80.00. Non-members. 100.00.

Saturday June 7th & Sunday June 8th 2014
Saturday 11.30am to 5.30pm and Sunday 11.00am to 4pm.

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Join Terry and his spiritual helpers for a weekend full of practical experiments to show how Spirit can use their energy to let us know they are with us.

This workshop will include trance and transfiguration.

We will be using a cabinet during the weekend to try and produce Physical phenomena.

Students may wish to bring their own camera to the workshop.

This workshop is open to all levels of students

Workshop strictly limited to 20 students.
Members: 80.00 Non Members 100.00.

Saturday October 25th & Sunday October 26th 2014
Saturday 11.30am to 5.30pm and Sunday 11.00am to 4pm.

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